Santiago Day Specials (27-29 July)

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The Feast of Saint James (Dia de Santiago) is an annual celebration on 25 July, celebrating the life of Saint James, the Patron Saint of Spain. It is held in the city of Santiago de Compostela (in Galicia) on the Atlantic coast, the destination of the iconic Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route.

The scallop shell, with its several grooves meeting together at a single point, has always been the iconic symbol of Santiago, and represents the different paths taken to Santiago. With that in mind, here is a special pairing of half-shelled scallops with Galician albariño made available by the glass, that you can enjoy over the next weekend.

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@ Ann Siang
27 to 29 July

Vieiras a la Gallega   18
Half-shelled Hokkaido Scallops baked “Galician” style, topped with San Simon cheese and Crispy Bacon Bits

Recommended to pair with:
Nora Albariño 2016    15/glass

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