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Sangrias are the best drinks to share with friends and families while enjoying a wonderful Spanish dinner! But, ever wondered how we make it? Now you can find out by using our Spanish Sangria Recipe at home.

Sangrias can easily be made in large quantities for you to enjoy a fruity and refreshing drink with all your loved ones! Sangrias go perfectly with Spanish Tapas and Paella and can even be personalized so that you can enjoy those sweet and fruity flavours you’ve always wanted!

This drink is just too good not share with everyone! With just a few ingredients now you can enjoy Traditional Spanish Sangria at home and impress all your friends and family while keeping them wanting more!

Step One: Choose the right Wine!

To make sure that our Sangrias turn out perfectly it is important to choose the right wine! Always choose a wine of your liking that you would normally enjoy on its own. Avoid the urban myth stating that Sangrias are made from old or going bad wines. A bad wine will not do much justice to your Sangria and will take away from that fruity flavour that you are looking for.

A young and refreshing red or white wine will do when making your sangria but the choice is yours.

You can check out our wine list to add a Spanish wine to your recipe and even get it delivered to your door! The best way to choose is picking a low-tannin Red Wine OR a White Wine that is not too dry and a bit sweet.

If you really want to have fun with it try and make a Sangria with one of our CAVA! Adding a Sparkling Wine will add lots of flavours and some fizz!

Step two: Prepare the fruits

What is fun about Sangrias is that you can personalize it to your own liking! So, have fun with it!

When choosing fruits, try and pick fresh ripe fruits. the fruits will infuse with the wine and add that sweet and fruity flavour while giving it a party look!

In a traditional Sangria, apples and oranges are mainly added but with this Spanish Sangria recipe you can always have a little fun and add any of your favourite fruits! Try to use fruits from soft barriers to citrus fruits that can add on some extra flavors. The beautiful thing about Sangrias is that you can really personalize it to your own liking, and it will still taste amazing!

Before adding your fruits, make sure you wash them well to get that waxy fruit clean before cutting. Don’t remove the skin of the fruits since those also add a bit of citrus; just make sure to take them off before eating!

When cutting your fruits take into consideration the size of your glasses. Try and cut the fruits in lovely small pieces that will fit right into your glass!

You can add as many fruits as you would like since wine and brandy are quite strong flavours, the fruits will help to balance out your beverage and make it more refreshing!

Step three: Brandy or no Brandy?

You can always use a nice triple sec or Mascaro to add a bit of kick into your sangria! A brandy is what makes this sangria a true cocktail!

If you are looking for a low alcohol Sangria you can skip the brandy and add some freshly squeezed orange juice.

Step four: the fun part!

Now that you have all your ingredients ready it’s time to have some fun and make Sangria!!! Our favourite is to get some Spanish music in the background to really get the party going!

Sangrias are drinks that are meant to be shared and enjoyed with loved ones, but the best part is that you can prepare this sangria in advance!

Pick out a big pitcher or jug to mix all the ingredients together and don’t forget to make some room in the fridge to store it!


Jug/bowl- 6-8 servings

Traditional Spanish sangria Recipe:
½ cup triple sec or brandy for a stronger variation
¼ cup lemon juice
1/3 cup orange juce
1 (750 millilitre) bottle Wine (red, white) 
2 cups 7-up/sprite or sparkling water to make it less sweet
cut Fruits: 1 orange , 1 apples, 1 lemon

Sweeter variation Sangria Recipe: 
1 (750 millilitre) bottle Wine (Red, White)
½ cup Triple sec
½ cup Peach schnapps
½ Orange juice 
½ Peach juice 
½ Pinapple juice
1 cup 7-up

Spanish sangria Recipe: it’s time to make it!

  1. Take your bowl OR jug and add the fruits while carefully muddling to release all that juice and oil zest off the citrus fruits! 
  2. Add and stir your wine, brandy, and 7-up to your fruits and watch the magic happen
  3. Place your bowl or jug in a chill place or add some ice right before serving! 

Pro Tip: 
The longer the fruits are infused with the wine, the more delicious and fruitier the drink becomes! If you are planning on keeping your sangria for a few hours try and only add the sparkling water or 7-up right before serving so that you won’t lose that fizz! 

It’s time to enjoy:

And there you go! Now you can enjoy a refreshing Sangria on a hot sunny day or while enjoying a Spanish feast from My Little Tapas Bar!

You can even go to our website and pick out a Red or White wine to make your sangria! 

If you prefer for everything to be made for you we have prepared a Sangria Take Away Bottle that you can order online! 

Enjoy this Sangria recipe OR our Sangria online Pack with our Spanish cheese, jamons and a paella that are all ready for Delivery or Take Away! Let us know how this sangria recipe turns out for you by sharing a picture and comment on our facebook and Instagram page!

We love to see our customers share this fun experience with us!

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