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This week, My Little Tapas Bar is celebrating Santiago Day which is originally on the 25th of July. For this event, we have prepared special dishes that are available from the 22nd to the 25th of July for Delivery & TakeAway!

Día de Santiago (St James) is a major occasion in certain parts of Spain, particularly Galicia and other autonomous regions. To celebrate the life of St James, Pilgrims walk the Camino de Santiago (The St. James route) to reach Santiago de Compostela. During the Middle Ages, people would walk out of their front doors and start their journeys towards Galicia. Nowadays, people start in various locations and can follow numerous Spanish routes to accomplish their journeys. 

The Camino De Santiago has become an extremely popular activity throughout the years as a spiritual journey for pilgrims. In honour of the pilgrim’s arrival, people in Galicia prepare feasts and festivities that feature local Galician produce.

Vieras Gratinadas:

For the Santiago Day Specials, our chefs have prepared wonderful dishes such as Galician Scallops and Empanadas. Scallop shells are an iconic symbol throughout the trails of the Camino de Santiago. The shells are what guides the pilgrims towards different Camino Routes and can be found painted on sidewalks, trees and stones.

The shell symbol represents the different routes that pilgrims take to reach the tomb of Saint James. Seeing the shells along their journey reassures the pilgrims that they are on the right path. During the Middle Ages, medieval pilgrims would attach the scallop shells to their persons and use them as bowls to hold food or drinks along their journey. Today, the shells have become a symbol or physical proof that someone has completed their pilgrimage to Santiago. 

Empanadas Gallega:

The Galician empanadas is reminiscent of pilgrimages and festivities. For example, It has been told that the pilgrims who arrived in the city of Galicia was drawn to the city by its delicious smell. The Galician tuna empanada is a traditional dish famous for its ingredients since they are simple and yet so delicious. The important thing when making empanadas is to pay attention to the dough. Therefore, at My Little Tapas Bar, our empanadas are done with homemade dough! 

The Empanadas have become very popular amongst the pilgrims. Due to their shape, Empanadas are the ideal travel food when walking the Camino de Santiago and are made simply by folding dough around stuffing. The word Empanadas also originates from the Spanish word Empanar which means ‘to wrap or coat (stuffing) in bread’.

These Empanadas are just so delicious that we had to share them with you! So, don’t miss out and order these wonderful Spanish dishes now!

Santiago Day Specials: (available July 22 -25)

Vieras Gratinadas (3pc) $16
Scallops on a bed of sauté spinach topped with mushroom cream and cheesy bechamel topped with herbs bread crumbs

Empanadas Gallega $15
Galician pie, homemade bread dough, Fresh pan sear tuna with green bell peppers, tomatoes, onion and garlic boiled eggs

You can Order online by visiting the Delivery & Takeaway page or Call us and enjoy a Galician meal at home with your loved ones. If you want to find out more about Santiago De Compostela or other routs taken by pilgrims you can visit this Camino De Compostela website and start your journey today! 

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